Education is still a priority.
As a mom and school board director, our public schools are a priority. With new investments headed our way, we need elected leaders with firsthand experience working in our schools to ensure students and teachers have the resources they need to be safe and successful. In Olympia, I’ll work to reduce the property tax burden for you and your family and advocate for more equitable, sustainable funding. I’ll lead the charge to expand our state’s support of critical services like special education and pre-K learning. And I’ll urge the legislature to focus on affordable post-secondary pathways and career-connected learning opportunities that tie Washington’s students to Washington’s workforce.


Getting around King County should be safer and easier.
I hear it time and time again. And as a longtime Issaquah resident, I feel it, too. Getting to work or school in the morning, getting to the grocery store or the doctor’s office, getting home after a long day’s work is exhausting. Too many of us sit in daily traffic. I’ll fight for our communities in Olympia, working across the aisle to develop regional transportation solutions that move us around quickly and safely. Most importantly, these solutions must be collaborative. Lasting, sustainable transportation policy won’t come from pitting our communities against one another.

Gun violence

We can come together to reduce gun violence.
From Snoqualmie to Maple Valley to Issaquah, gun owners agree there are sensible solutions to prevent acts of gun violence. We must do more to keep guns away from those who would do harm to others or themselves. I support many of the solutions proposed in Initiative 1639, like comprehensive background checks, 10-day waiting periods, and firearm safety training requirements for all semi-automatic assault rifle sales.


Quality, affordable healthcare shouldn’t be this hard to find.
Every Washingtonian, no matter their economic background, should have access to quality healthcare. As your next state representative, I’ll work to reduce the cost of healthcare premiums, prescription drugs, and other out-of-pocket medical expenses. I’ll also advocate for expanding access to preventive care services. By ensuring our residents have access to this kind of quality care, we can save our state millions of dollars down the road and keep our communities and our families healthy and thriving.


The middle class should be at the heart of our economic policies.
It’s a simple idea — workers who can afford to live in our communities are more productive. And our state’s economic policies should reflect this idea. That means ensuring working families have access to safe, affordable housing choices. That means protecting our middle class and reducing income inequality and wage stagnation. That means focusing on tax fairness and fiscal responsibility, rolling back property tax hikes, and ensuring corporate tax breaks offer a significant public benefit to our communities.